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Friday, September 16, 2016

SIT, WALK, WRITE: A Contemplative Writing Retreat October 23, 2016

Contemplative Writing Retreat October 23, 2016

SIT mindfully to experience stillness and silence.

WALK mindfully to connect with the body and ground.

WRITE mindfully to reflect the mind.

LISTEN mindfully to connect with others.

Inspired by Natalie Goldberg's The True Secret of Writing: Connecting Life with Language, I have previously offered this four-hour retreat at the C.G. Jung Center, but for the first time, I will host this event at Shambhala Meditation Group of Buffalo. Registration is required. Please use link at top of page to find out more.


October 2
November 6
 Artspace Buffalo Lofts 

from 4 to 6



The Fall 2016 concludes the 4th year of expressive writing that began at the C.G. Jung Center in 2013 and has carried on since 2015 with a small group of dedicated writers at my residence at Artspace Buffalo. The group currently has space for a couple new people. Please contact me if interested (

"Write the whole truth about the life you know." These words by author Henry Miller describes the essence of the Sunday afternoon writing practice group.

Writers write their truths in a supportive atmosphere using various prompts to initiate timed writing sessions. This approach is based on the methods of Natalie Goldberg, Pat Schneider, and Lawrence Spann...borrowing strongly from the writing practice approach popularized in the books of Natalie Goldberg, beginning with Writing Down the Bones.

No previous experience is required. 

Bring a notebook and pen. 

Refreshments will be served.