Workshops with Pat Pendleton

Sunday, November 2, 2014


The Fall 2014 / 4th season of expressive writing at the C.G. Jung Center has concluded. Watch for announcement about future offerings.


"Write the whole truth about the life you know." These words by author Henry Miller describes the essence of the Sunday afternoon writing practice group.

Writers write their truths in a supportive atmosphere using various prompts to initiate timed writing sessions. This approach is based on the methods of Natalie Goldberg, Pat Schneider, and Lawrence Spann.

No previous experience is required. Bring a notebook and pen.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


September 21st from 1 to 5pm

408 Franklin Street

Non-members of C.G. Jung Center: $35
Members: $25

The first contemplative writing retreat last Winter was a restful and creative afternoon for several of us who gathered at The Jung Center. I am hosting another chance to experience this practice, inspired by The True Secret of Writing: Connecting Life with Language (Natalie Goldberg).

I had the pleasure of participating in a "Writing Practice" retreat with Natalie Goldberg in 1991 after enjoying her first book, Writing Down the Bones. Following the workshop, I wrote with several others weekly for a year using the approach to self-expression through connecting with language and I incorporated writing practice into groups I facilitated as an art therapist.

The author is a longtime student of Zen, a practice that has informed her writing. Reading her books inspired me to pursue an investigation of meditation practice through the last 20+ years. Her teaching method now integrates writing with silence, mindful sitting, mindful walking, reading aloud, and listening to others. 

Sit for 10-20 minutes. Walk for 10 minutes. Write for 10-20 minutes

SIT mindfully to experience stillness and silence. 
WALK mindfully to connect with your body and ground.  
WRITE mindfully to engage your mind

Enter writing from a fresh place...writing exercises will be provided to structure the timed sessions.  Following each writing session we read aloud and listen to what others have written.

There will also be readings, a tea break. 

No previous experience with writing or meditation is required. 

Chairs and cushions will both be available.

Space is limited--Please register at or RSVP directly to me at


Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Mo' Joe: The Anthology is a wonderful collection of over one hundred poems honoring the elusive Joe the Poet, a character who has evolved in the work of John Roche, editor of this publication available from Beatlick Press

Two of my poems are included:


Jo got lost
She wandered, gathered, observed
sweep, sweep, sweep
away the veils, the chatter, the traffic
Tie on dancing shoes
move, move, move
pedal, steer, drive
Stop and sit, listen, look
Jo took a breath and remembered
who she was

NEW JOE (p. 137)

Joe imagines a better look for himself
no more preppy school teacher
wild artiste instead
grow out shaggy hair, cultivate goatee, revise clothing
order "Dancing with Wolves Shirt" from The J. Peterman
                      Company catalog
blousy and loose for thirty-nine dollars
available in natural, light blue, and indigo
like those worn by Byron, Wilde, or Tennyson
one hundred percent Joe the Poet
so fine with his icy blue eyes and indigo garb