Workshops with Pat Pendleton

Sunday, September 14, 2014


September 21st from 1 to 5pm

408 Franklin Street

Non-members of C.G. Jung Center: $35
Members: $25

The first contemplative writing retreat last Winter was a restful and creative afternoon for several of us who gathered at The Jung Center. I am hosting another chance to experience this practice, inspired by The True Secret of Writing: Connecting Life with Language (Natalie Goldberg).

I had the pleasure of participating in a "Writing Practice" retreat with Natalie Goldberg in 1991 after enjoying her first book, Writing Down the Bones. Following the workshop, I wrote with several others weekly for a year using the approach to self-expression through connecting with language and I incorporated writing practice into groups I facilitated as an art therapist.

The author is a longtime student of Zen, a practice that has informed her writing. Reading her books inspired me to pursue an investigation of meditation practice through the last 20+ years. Her teaching method now integrates writing with silence, mindful sitting, mindful walking, reading aloud, and listening to others. 

Sit for 10-20 minutes. Walk for 10 minutes. Write for 10-20 minutes

SIT mindfully to experience stillness and silence. 
WALK mindfully to connect with your body and ground.  
WRITE mindfully to engage your mind

Enter writing from a fresh place...writing exercises will be provided to structure the timed sessions.  Following each writing session we read aloud and listen to what others have written.

There will also be readings, a tea break. 

No previous experience with writing or meditation is required. 

Chairs and cushions will both be available.

Space is limited--Please register at or RSVP directly to me at


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